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Hemarina SA is a privately held biotechnology company centered on the research and development of marine oxygen carriers for therapeutic and industrial applications.

Dr. Franck Zal founded Hemarina in March 2007. He is a world-renowned expert in the field of invertebrate hemoglobin and oxygen transport and has spent more than fourteen years in academic research centers (CNRS, University of California at Santa Barbara USA and University of Antwerp, Belgium) studying the relationships between the structure and function of invertebrate respiratory pigments (extracellular hemoglobin in annelids and hemocyanin in crustaceans). The discoveries arising from his research on extracellular hemoglobin in marine invertebrates and their oxygen-transport system have been patented and published in numerous scientific journals and form the crux of Hemarina’s technology

Hemarina offers products that constitute a decisive technological breakthrough in regard to current or past developments of hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs). Hemarina’s lead product, Hemarina M-101, is the only product under development that uses a natural, high-molecular-weight extracellular hemoglobin whose activity is totally independent of any cofactor. Furthermore, Hemarina M-101 functions in a wide range of temperatures (from 4°C to 37°C). Another major advantage of Hemarina M-101 is that it has no vasoconstrictor effect, which is frequently observed in first-generation HBOCs and responsible for significant side effects, particularly high blood pressure.

Hemarina positions itself as a R&D company focused on oxygen carrier molecules that have therapeutic and industrial applications. Our products have high-value market applications for which there are no true competitors — only potential partners. Therefore our business model revolves around finding win-win partnerships with life sciences or pharmaceutical companies who wish to incorporate Hemarina's technology in their medical devices or drug development process.

HEMARINA SA est une entreprise de biotechnologies qui développe des transporteurs d’oxygène universels d’origine marine pour diverses applications thérapeutiques et industrielles.

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