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Hemoglobin Oxygen-Carrier

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HEMOXYCarrier®: the universal oxygen carrier

HEMOXYcarrier® : le transporteur d’oxygène universel HEMOXYCarrier®, a universal oxygen carrier, is a real breakthrough innovation in regard to existing oxygen carriers. Based on the extracellular hemoglobin developed by HEMARINA, it allows oxygenation recovery without the adverse side effects (primarily vasoconstriction) caused by first-generation hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs). Moreover, its superoxide dismutase activity reduces neurological damage in the immediate post-injury phase, with or without hemorrhage.

The innovativeness of HEMOXYCarrier® lies in its composition: it is made up of extracellular hemoglobin, which evolved millions of years ago and works already free in the circulation of marine invertebrates. This hemoglobin is autonomous; it binds oxygen and releases it without the need for any cofactors. HBOCs have strong side effects that limit their use because they are derived from intracellular hemoglobins (of bovine or human origin) that have been chemically modified to function extracellularly.

The immediate benefit of HEMOXYCarrier® is to provide an oxygen carrier that does not provoke vasoconstriction or hypertension during perfusions.

The main application of HEMOXYCarrier® is in emergency care for acute anemia or acute hemorrhage syndromes during post-injury phases. HEMOXYCarrier® allows rapid oxygenation recovery for patients.

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