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Organ Preservation

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HEMO2lifeŽ: organ preservation solution

HEMO2Life® is a breakthrough innovation for organ preservation.

 HEMO2life® is a breakthrough innovation for organ preservation. This oxygen carrier developed by Hemarina allows better organ preservation by oxygenating the transplant organ.
After removal from the donor, the transplant organ undergoes ischemic conditions, which can cause organ damage and dysfunction. Ischemic injuries can be a source of acute graft rejection and can accelerate chronic graft rejection. HEMO2life® is an additive for organ preservation solutions that allows organ oxygenation and minimizes the risk of rejection.

The innovativeness of HEMO2life® lies in Hemarina-M101, which ensures the oxygenation depending on the transplant organ needs. Developed by HEMARINA, Hemarina-M101 is compatible with most organ preservation solutions. It can be directly added to the organ preservation solution to oxygenate the organ during storage, between removal and transplantation.

The main benefits of HEMO2life® include the possibility of treating more patients who are waiting for organ transplants and a better patient prognosis after the transplant. Preliminary tests have shown that patient prognosis is better when HEMO2Life® is used and that the transplant success rate is higher. Moreover,HEMO2life® may allow longer organ preservation and could therefore be useful in managing organ distribution.

Applications of HEMO2life® are invaluable because the number of patients waiting for a transplant is growing. In France, 4580 transplants were performed in 2009 (3115 in 1998, around 30,000 in the USA), about 250 patients died waiting for a transplant and 14,400 were on a waiting list (100,000 in the USA).

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