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Wound Healing

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HEMHealing® – The oxygenating dressing

Le pansement universel HEMO2Ling® est une solution thérapeutique originale et unique visant à soigner des plaies hypoxiques chroniques,

Currently being developped, HEMHealing® an oxygenating dressing, is a novel — and the only — therapeutic solution for hypoxic and chronic wounds (diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, etc.), which do not currently have any effective therapeutic solutions. Lack of oxygen impedes the healing process and cell growth in wounds. The HEMHealing® dressing provides targeted oxygenation to the wound.
The innovativeness of HEMHealing® lies in the addition of hemoglobin (M101) directly to the dressing matrix, thereby providing a continuous oxygen supply to the wound. M101 hemoglobins are universal oxygen carriers and are the products of HEMARINA’s research on a family of extracellular hemoglobins found in marine organisms. They bind oxygen from ambient air and progressively release it under hypoxic conditions (e.g. wound cells), and then help initiate the healing process.
The immediate benefit of HEMHealing® is to provide a dressing that can ensure a continuous oxygen supply depending on the wound needs. It is a real alternative to specialized medical equipment, such as that required for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and can stimulate the healing process.
HEMHealing® is the solution to a widespread medical problem. In France, more than 350,000 chronic wounds are in need of a therapeutic solution.

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